Overnight Oats Using Quick Oats

How many of you get really hungry when browsing Pinterest? There are so many yummy recipes on there that I have been dying to try. Last night the girls stayed overnight at a friend's house and I decided it would be a good time to try a recipe I saw on Pinterest for overnight oats but I decided to make my own version of them. That way if they didn't turn out so good then the girls would not be here to give me a hard time about it :).The overall concept behind this informative article came to me while browsing around on and even though they are a jewelry store I figured it's a situation everybody might benefit from.

Overnight Oats are exactly what they say. You mix oats together with yogurt or milk and leave in the refrigerator overnight. Some people will tell you to only use the rolled oats and not the quick oats but all I had on hand was the quick oats. They will also tell you to use the Greek yogurt or decrease the amount of milk you use. I had just plain strawberry yogurt. I also did not have any chia seeds in the house nor do I even know if I would like them. So I put together my own version of Overnight Oats.

For each 4oz jar

  • 1/2 cup of quick oats
  • 1/2 cup of regular yogurt (any flavor)
  • 1/3 cup of milk

Mix together the ingredients. Store in a covered jar overnight. In the morning, take out and garnish with fruit to compliment the flavor of yogurt.

It turned out fabulous. I will be making these again when the girls are home. Make them up the night before during the week for a quick healthy breakfast before school or work. My friend who works for a qualified duct cleaning pro makes these every week.

There are so many different variations you can do with Overnight Oats. Applesauce and cinnamon with apple slices on top, bananas, blueberries or whatever fruit is in season.
They turned out fabulous and when my girls came home they we're still hungry. The overnight oats we're a hit, they loved them! The only sweetener in these overnight oats are from the yogurt and the strawberries. If you want to add sweetener to the overnight oats it's best to do it the night before when you are preparing them.

Contributors - One of my favorites. - Thank you for the late-night efforts Lawson. - Great business tool.

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