To Line or Not to Line?

I'm going to level with you guys - I'm shocking when it comes to applying eyeliner, especially in a hurry. I get shaky hands, and I always end up looking more like I've been in a fight with David Haye than going on a date with David Beckham. It's not something I'm proud of, but it's something I want to (attempt to) improve... Emphasis on the word attempt, there.

In my make-up collection, there are three types of eyeliner - gel, liquid and pencil. Some easier than others, but all supposed to help give your eyes some definition - let's have a look at some of my most-used eyeliners.

This is what I call 'eyeliner for lazy ladies'. My weapon of choice is an Eye Pencil in Coffee, and my technique of choice is 'it doesn't matter if you mess it up, you can always blur it out with a fluffy brush at the end'. This is my go-to eyeliner option lately, it's more subtle than your standard black line and a heck of a lot easier too!

I'm sorry, just gotta talk about this. In my email as I write this and I noticed an ad for this business, It's the fourth ad I have seen from them today! I believe I'm being stalked! Ok, We'll get back to what I was talking about 😉

Oh brother. Gel eyeliner and myself have had a turbulent relationship; we're like the Ross and Rachel of the make-up world. One minute I can't get enough of it, the next I want to throw it against a wall and make sure that we are firmly on a break. Once I've got the hang of it though, it glides on like a dream - especially this Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner, which is among the best of the best in my opinion. If you have the time, gel eyeliner really is worth having a go at - it may just surprise you.

Among the most loved AND most hated of the eyeliners, liquid eyeliner can be temperamental (for me, anyway). One eye goes perfectly well, you think you're going to end up with a perfect set of cat-flicks, and then for the next eye, you practically end up colouring in your whole eyelid - not cute.Perfect Slim Eyeliner basically gets rid of that problem, it's super easy to apply and completely fool proof (lucky me!)

What are your preferences when it comes to eyeliner?

I want to give credit for this post mainly to I actually got the idea for this post as a result of I little piece I read on their site.


Contributors - Amongst my favorites. - Great business resource.

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