Is It Cool To Wear Sunglasses Indoors?

Youve all seen him at your local Sunday brunch hangout. Sipping on his overpriced macchiato, head bowed in worship of his arty independent magazine. Quiffed fringe, skinny jeans and sunglasses. Only it's cloudy outside and he's not even sitting in the window.

How quick we are to judge.Because this nice chap appears to be of a certain ilk a hipster if you will it's easy to condemn him for his choice of facial attire, or rather where he chooses to wear it.

Ah, yes when it comes to sunglasses,to wear indoors or not to wear? That is the question. A hot topic and sure, we all have an opinion. Poser, try hard, wannabe The scorn poured upon those who wear sunglasses indoors is acid hot. But let's just take a step back for a moment and swallow the venom. Its 2012, after all.

Sunglasses have gone a long way since UV protection.They can give a drab outfit edge, hide bloodshot eyes or make that blunt fringe look even more brutal. Lets not kid ourselves, sunglasses are all about image. From baggy-panted gangsters to size zero fashionistas, anyone who is anyone owns a decent pair of shades and supergluing them to ones head is de rigueur . Just ask he of the omnipresent black-outs, Karl Lagerfeld.

Something to hide? Karl Lagerfeld is never seen without his trademark dark glasses

How bizarre then that in such a fashionably diverse world, one could be judged for flashing their shades in a coffee shop. Because while it's perfectly acceptable for a celebrity to wear glasses in a restaurant, or nightclub, for mere mortals of a moderate ego, it's a huge faux pas . Granted, we don't have inconvenience of paparazzi leeches lurking around every corner, but there's no denying that a pair of shades can, at times, offer genuine comfort to even the unstarriest of eyes. Anyone who's endured public transport after a deep cleansing facial or heavy night on the tiles will agree. Yes friends, there are times when it pays to go private.

It's not really related, I know, but I need some opinions. I love the appearance of this site a lot: I'm considering changing the design of this site to something similar. Opinions? Tell me how you feel in the comments below. Anyway, back to this article.

Ultimately, what it comes down to is a question of want vs. need. Lets face it, unless we spend a great deal of time outdoors, or like Stevie Wonder have a medical requirement to wear them, nobody needs to wear sunglasses. But, that doesn't mean we don't want to. Perhaps that's part of the reason for our hatred of the indoor face decorator. Hes wearing them because he feels like it. To the modest recession-scarred among us he symbolises luxury and excess. Its a little too brash, a middle finger to our naked eye, and if we're honest, we feel just a little uncomfortable around such conspicuous displays of consumption. But isn't it time we shrugged off such aged insecurities and revelled in the devil-may-care attitude of our favourite fashion accessory? We think it is.

While we aren't suggesting you wear your sunglasses at the office water cooler, we believe that everyone should be able to wear theirs with pride wherever they choose to do so. Indoors, outdoors, we think we've got it down.

Heres the Savvy Specs guide to not looking silly in shades:

Stay shady if you:

  1. Suffer from hyper-sensitivity to light or are otherwise visually impaired.
  2. Walked into a door and look like a panda.
  3. Partied like it was 1999 last night.
  4. Wish to remain spy-like incognito.
  5. Want to eye up hot strangers in Cafe Nero without them noticing.
  6. Are a sweet little wallflower who is oh-too-shy to face big scary people (wearing a school uniform Cosplay style automatically qualifies you for this).
  7. Have your hands full of heavy shopping bags, miniature pigs and neon drinks the neon drinks are cause enough. But seriously, who has time to adjust their shades every time they go into a department store?

Reveal yourself if:

  1. You constantly walk into people/trip over pets, because you can't see.
  2. Youre in a nightclub and think that sunglasses will protect you from the evil strobe lights.
  3. You know all the words to Ghetto Superstar, and you aren't afraid to prove it.

N.B. You have any suspicion that you look stupid. Chances are, you probably do.

Come to think of it, we can't find all that many reasons not to wear shades indoors. Provided you're not a health and safety hazard and don't look like the below, then fear not. You look alright to us.

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